Charles McGraw - Biography of a Film Noir Tough Guy

Alan K. Rode     

McFarland  2007   216 pages

Recent film noir related book reviews

Here is a posting of books I feel worthy of attention to those interested not only in film noir but film history and Hollywood in general.

Dark Borders- Film Noir and American Citizenship

Jonathan Auerbach    

Duke University Press  2011  226 pages

Dark City - The Lost World of Film Noir

Eddie Muller

St Martin’ Griffin  1998    226 pages

Film Noir - The Dark Side Of The Screen

Foster Hirsch  

Da Capo Press  1981  229 pages

Fearing the Dark - The Val Lewton Career

Edmund G. Bansak  

McFarland  1995  570 pages

Film Noir

Andrew Spicer  

Pearson Education  2002   250 pages

Charles McGraw Dark Borders

Von - The Life & Films of Eric Von Stroheim

Richard Koszarski

Limelight Editions   2001     404 pages

King Cohn - The Life And Times of Hollywood Mogul Harry Cohn

Bob Thomas

New Millennium Press  2000  376 pages

Clown Prince of Hollywood - The Antic Life and Times of Jack L. Warner

Bob Thomas

McGraw-Hill 1990   323 pages


Sterling Hayden

Alfred A. Knopf 1967

(Reprint Sheridan House 2000)   434 pages

Fearing The Dark Dark City Dark Side of the Screen The Man You Loved To Hate Andrew Spicer Wanderer


Garson Kanin

Viking Press  1974   343 pages

Goldwyn - A Biography Of The Man Behind The Myth

Arthur Marx

W.W. Norton  1980    400 pages

American Film Noir
Mickey Cohen

Mickey Cohen - The Life and Crimes of L.A.’s Notorious Mobster  

Tere Tereba

ECW Press  2012  323 pages

Los Angele’s Bunker Hill

Jim Dawson

History Press  2013  158 pages

TV Noir

Ray Starman

Self published  2013  183 pages

American Film Noir BH JDawson